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“I’m in a Fairy Tale, Get Me Out of Here”

I am always happy to be asked to review a youth production, as it very uplifting to see young people performing on stage, and obviously enjoying themselves.

Act 1 was a take on pantomime characters in two sectors, who were competing against each other, and each cast member played one or more of the characters involved.  It was entertaining, and well-rehearsed (considering the amount of time they’d had), and I enjoyed the different portrayals.

The back drop and scenery looked good and worked well, with excellent lighting.

No surnames were given in the programme, so I hope everyone will know who I’m talking about as I write this review.  I enjoyed my evening, and hope all the Teens involved will come back for another outing next year, as they all did very well.  Any points raised are done to help improve the overall and individual performances.

I was impressed by the energy and enthusiasm of Tick and Tock, played by Hannah and Harvey – they both projected well and were very expressive.

Rhys played Jack (of beanstalk fame), giving the part his normal attention to detail and a good strong performance.

Kian as Humpy Dumpty needed more animation, I felt his character wasn’t marked enough.

Alice looked lovely as Rapunzel – her wig and costume were very pretty, and really suited her.  She gave Rapunzel a bit of an edge.

Cinderella was played by Isabelle, and again plenty of attitude.  I liked that Isabelle spoke really clearly without rushing.

Claire as Goldilocks was another with attitude and clarity.

Ella looked lovely in her red dress and cloak as Red Riding Hood, however she her needed to slow her speech down slightly.  Whilst Caris played the Pied Piper nicely.

The Ugly Duckling as played by Mia had the real ‘aah’ factor, the tone of voice was exactly right, and I could hear every word – well done.

Charlotte played Little Bo Peep with attitude – enjoyed her portrayal.

Charlotte and Emily were Hansel & Gretel, because they were completely sideways on to the audience we could not see their faces, which would have been nice.

Charlotte, Emily and Isabelle were a good trio as the Three Little Pigs, and projected well, as did Charlotte, Emily and Kian as the Billy Goats.

Caris and Mia were the Fox and the Gingerbread Man – both very good.

Alice was charming as Snow White, with Rachael Horsler and Susie Conder appearing briefly as Security!  Paul Horsler provided the voice of the Giant.

In Act 2 the cast were more or less left to their own devices, they decided what they would do, and there were some good performances, with Rhys providing a good comedy link, I liked his jokes (the old ones are the best, as he himself acknowledged), and he knows how to play an audience. I liked the moving spotlight gag! Nicely achieved.

For the rest of the cast, I would just say that when doing their own thing they should remember that they are playing to an audience, and feel comfortable with what they are doing so that they can buy into the emotion of the words.

Claire performed her song extremely well, accompanying herself on the keyboard, and showed good skills.

Isabelle showed a good understanding of the words in her song, which was quite poignant, she accompanied herself and I was impressed with her performance.

The Park Bench was a fun ending, giving the cast a chance to take the applause that they so rightly deserved, a little more attention to detail would have given it more emphasis.

A good all round production, with some notable performances, that I thoroughly enjoyed.

TADS Theatre Group - TEENS


review date 22nd April 2017

Director: Susie Condor

Choreographer: Rachael Horsler


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