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Yet another Society celebrating a milestone, and TADS did it in style!  I think these shows often give a Society the chance to showcase members who don’t always get a chance to shine in normal productions, and also to show regular performers in a different light.

A rousing opening heralded a well-thought out programme, with lots of different type of acts, which kept the audience entertained.  The composition of the opening number was good, with five dancers fronting the whole.  Nice to see Jaymes and Harry Rodgers in the dance line up, I knew Jaymes was an accomplished dancer, but good to see Harry (who is one of my favourite young performers) showing a very suave line in dancing.

Harry also fronted a number with four young TADS teens girls, who all performed very well, and it gave the audience a reason to laugh and also to appreciate these young performers.

Molly Harper, Life President of the Society, compered the show with the help of husband Don on tape, as he was too unwell to be there – I’m sure we all wish him well.  

Jaymes Sygrove paid tribute to Molly and her help with the production in his programme notes, although I’m sure this multi-talented young man would create something good whatever!

I particularly liked Susie Conder, who cheekily referred to the fact that she had not received an award yet, so this is an honourable mention Susie, as I thought all the numbers you did were very professional in expression and voice control.

Janet Bray sang a very evocative song celebrating TADS recent production of Blood Brothers, showing how much her performance skills have improved since she joined TADS. The number had both humour and pathos. Rachel Birks made a welcome return to the stage, performing two duets and a very emotional solo, so let’s hope we see more of Rachel in the future.

It was good to see some younger members of TADS strutting their stuff, showing how talented they are, and well able to hold their own against the adult and more experienced performers. Jaymes sang several numbers and showed again his versatility – such a pleasure to watch him.

Gemma Ferguson was also involved in some very good solos – she has a lovely smile and warm presentation, supported by a very good voice. The use of photos depicting TADS productions over the 50 years to the accompaniment of a song was well-presented, and then we were treated to a classy finale which drew a good show to a fitting end.

If I have one criticism it was that the stage was completely undecorated, and the cast were in unrelieved black (except for the men’s white shirts) – it would have been nice to have some flashes of colour, e.g. scarves, bow ties, waistcoats, hair ornaments etc – to create some contrasts.  

The lighting, which was imaginative throughout, helped to create dimensions and interest.

Another good production from TADS, and a fitting tribute to their 50 years.

Nova Horley

TADS Theatre Group


review date 29th June 2012

TADS Theatre, Toddington

Producer & Director:  Jaymes Sygrove


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