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In this day and age, when the adult panto is a money spinner for Societies, we were treated to a really good evening’s entertainment.  In fact, I hate to say it, but I enjoyed the adult version of Rapunzel more that the original – what does that say about me........?

Despite attending on the first night, I found that this was a pacey and very upbeat production.  Everyone seemed to have relaxed into their parts, and when the cast enjoy it then so do the audience.

Using the same scenery, which again I thought was just the right thing for this production, and mostly the same cast, we were treated to the risqué version of Rapunzel, aptly titled Get Follicled.  

The backcloth was again the book, where pages were turned to create each of the scenes, a good concept, and the lighting was suitable.

Lea Pryer is a very clever writer, who got the best out of her cast and the situations they found themselves in, without descending into downright dirty!  The audience found it very funny, and didn’t hold back from joining in.

The costumes were good – colourful and suggestive, with just enough left to the imagination!

Again, the ascent and descent of the characters to the tower was hilarious, but a very good idea, nicely thought out and managed.

Mike Collins as Prince Albert was completely different in this show, he let himself go, I thought he was much more comfortable with the slightly comedic persona, he got some good laughs, got a rapport going with the audience and I loved the interaction between him and Rory White as a very camp Seymour.

I always like what Rory does, and this was no exception, he was hilarious, and also very clear in his delivery.  His costume was great fun.

Chloe Palmer was a super Rapunzel, overtly sexy in some places, and downright naughty in others, I thoroughly enjoyed her portrayal.

Rachel Birks again gave us a very full-on Enchantress Alopecia, but I particularly enjoyed the duet between her and Chloe, despite the double entendres etc – it was well-sung.

Susie Conder was a very bright and lively fairy, she narrated the production well whilst keeping her character.  Nicely done.  Susie has a very nice performance ethic, and really sparkled.

Unfortunately the baron played by Kevin Birkett did not get much of a look in this time round, although he did have a couple of very funny lines with the Viagra flowers!!  Rachel Harris was a very charming Baroness.

I liked Michelle Chamberlain (in a very brave and racy costume) – she was a good foil to Kathryn Durancer, they both gave good, fun performances.

Andrew Naish as Tess, the Dame, also relaxed into his part, and gave us a much more rounded performance.  I think the informality of an adult pantomime suited him.

Janet Bray was joined by Alkesh Lalji as Alopecia’s two gargoyles in this production, they certainly played well off each other – and really got into their parts as the nasty henchmen, and again created some very funny moments.

Sophie Venn played a very lively Goldilocks, I enjoyed the boxes!! – and then she transformed into the interviewer which she also did well.

The final cast member was Charlotte Duffy, who joined the ensemble for chorus numbers and as a wedding guest, and looked as if she was having a really fun time.

So, a bright and lively production, that was enjoyed by the audience, and gave us a really fun time on a cold January evening, much better than staying in and watching the telly!!!

TADS Theatre Group


review date 25th Jan 2013

TADS Theatre, Toddington

Writer & Director:  Lea Pryer


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