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Another amusing and intriguing tale from the pen of David Tristram, a writer that Director David Sachon, enjoys bringing to the stage.

I thought the set, although designed to the author’s suggestion, worked extremely well, and was well-constructed.  The see-through panel stage right was just the right size, not taking up too much of the stage, but allowing free movement for the cast members.  The scene changes were effected with precision and regimentation, but unfortunately were rather slow, which was a shame as the flow of the piece suffered slightly.

I loved the choice of music, it created a rather eerie atmosphere, which suited the play, and added to the tension in some places.

The ending of Act 1 was excellent – and the repetition at the beginning of Act 2 served to refresh the mind and get us into the play again.

I felt that Act 1 was a little slow, but the pace picked up considerably in Act 2, not sure why, but having spoken to the Director I was left with the impression that the first night audience had been more with the cast than we were!  That said, I enjoyed the production, and some very funny moments.

The lighting suited the feel of the production, and sound effects were good, always on cue and audible.

I particularly liked the drill through the door incident, it appealed to my sense of the macabre!

It was good to see Chloe White back in a more dramatic role, she coped very well with the slightly neurotic Emma Tyler, around whom the action seemed to gain a life of its own, which she accepted and ran with.  Some very good facial expressions accompanied a well-studied interpretation.

I liked Rory White as Joe Tyler, a slightly more meaty role than those he usually does, and on the whole he did very well.  There was a lot of literally throwing himself into the role, which he accomplished nicely.

Janet Bray celebrated her return to the stage with a sympathetic portrayal of the undertaker, Mrs Bannister.  Janet seems to enjoy these slightly off the wall characters, which she does well, and which added a different dimension to the piece.

Malcolm Steven created a nicely confused Dr Branovic, good accent maintained throughout, but very understandable.  Quite a gentle characterisation, which contrasted well with the rather manic goings on around him.

For me, the revelation of the play was David Hillman as Detective Inspector Munroe – what a lovely part, which Dave accomplished with aplomb, and a good understanding of the comedy of the part.  There were some great moments, including the drill through the door.  Dave showed the thought processes of a policeman, plus the bewilderment at what was unfolding around him, creating a very diverse and amusing character.

All in all a nicely crafted work, that the audience enjoyed, and which was a nice start to the autumn/winter programme

Well done TADS, yet again a satisfying and enjoyable production.

TADS Theatre Group


review date 23rd September 2017

Director: David Sachon


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