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“Dancing With Myself”

This insightful piece concerned the stereotypes of young teens, their challenges and frustrations, involved the cast taking their characters and building them into credible people.

Mostly self-directed by the cast, they also took charge of creating a relevant stage flat for their character, which really impressed me.  I also thought the music choices were very good.

Costumes were good, and suitable for each character, girls hair was also good, I would have liked the one lad in the play to have had a slightly tidier style, if only because it obliterated his face at times, and I’m sure there were expressions that we missed!

Lighting was simple but suited the mood of the play and what the cast were trying to accomplish.

Hannah Ridley, as Moody Chick, stood out for me in her projection and interpretation, plenty of mood contrasts, showing anger, pain and happiness.  However, in one part where she was having an altercation with the girls she was facing too far to the side, so we missed a lot of her facial expressions.

Goth Girl, Ella Watson, certainly looked the part, I would have liked a little more projection, as the low tone of her voice made it a little difficult to hear at times.

Harvey Greenwood played Jock, the only guy in the piece, and I liked his take on the sporty one.  Some nice nuances in his style.

Emily Payne was a very charming and cheerful Cheerleader.  Nicely costumed, just needed a little more projection at times, and a slowing down to make a complete portrayal.

Clare McGinn was a very straightforward Gamer, with her eyes firmly fixed on her control, she spoke with confidence and controlled the action well.

I liked Alice Wills take on the Nerd, she looked the part and has an expressive face.  However she needs to learn to speak slowly with more emphasis, and to project more.  I liked her general portrayal.

The New Kid was played by Caris Webb, she got the enthusiasm of someone trying to be included in the group.  I wanted a little more emphasis in her voice, and action when calling for her Mum, it was a little static and lost the urgency.

Overall I enjoyed the production, and thought everyone did really well, and hope that the few small points above will help these talented youngsters improve their performances.

TADS Theatre Group - TEENS


review date 20th April 2018

Director: Susie Coner


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