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Lights! Camera! Music! 2, was a mostly light-hearted evening of film music, performed by St Andrew’s members, in St Margaret’s church.

The church is a lovely setting and was beautifully lit – with some appropriate projections behind the performers, which helped to create the atmosphere and feel of the relevant musical numbers.  However the sound was not 100% - some of the singers managed to pitch their volume above that of the band – but some numbers were definitely over-shadowed by the music being too loud, particularly the drummer – a shame as the singers had only hanging/standing mics to use, which in most cases they should have been closer to.  

It was nice to see Debbie Cavanagh performing a solo, and I particularly liked Jo Harris, Hayley Vaughan and Sadie McGreevy’s trio – they achieved some good harmonies.

There were a couple of good comedy numbers, one of these being Mathew and Alex Orr – although sometimes words were indistinct as the movement took them away from the mics.

I loved the Letter Duet which was beautifully sung by Julia Fraser and Hannah Wright, they employed exceptional harmonies along with depth of tone.

Rhythm of Life was very lively, a good opening to Act 2, sung really well with good counter melodies and choreography that created good movement despite the restrictions of the size of the stage.

Overall I enjoyed Act 2 more than Act 1.  

Musically there were some very good numbers, but I thought it was a shame that Stage 1 didn’t get the opportunity to pitch in with the chorus of their number with Stuart Farrar – it would have made a charming interlude just that little bit more special.

Frances Hall’s song with Stage 1 was also a delightful moment – and the youngsters all looked totally enthralled in both these numbers, which added to the atmosphere created by these two experienced performers.

Sarah Albert always gives a creative performance, with this being no exception, and the interaction between her and Marc Rolfe made it the stand out comedy number of the show.

David Mills showed his experience with a well-crafted performance, whilst Jonny Mills also showed his understanding of how to put a song over in his solo.

Mel Ramsey gave us a strong solo with lots of expression, whilst Julia Fraser sang a beautiful rendition of The Man That Got Away, with deep rich tones and lyrical phrasing.

I liked the trio sung by Emma Orr, Jo Harris and Mel Ramsey – they all featured in solo lines, but also created some good harmonies – their voices blended well.

I thought Stage 1 performed well, with lots of lively faces – well done.

There were too many numbers and artists to name everyone, but suffice to say the whole programme was nicely put together, with good numbers, which made for a relaxing and enjoyable evening.  

I must just mention the front of house team who were dressed in appropriate clothes, and particularly to Pam Mills leading the catering team who supplied popcorn, sweets and drinks, along with ice creams – all very acceptable.

Thanks to St Andrew’s for their hospitality, we are always made to feel very welcome.

St. Andrew’s Players


review date: 14TH Nov 2014 St. Margaret’s Church    Directed by: Emma Mills & Emma Orr

MD: Mark Newport

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