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A joyous and energetic production as always – I really enjoy being witness to such a charming production every year.

The script allows for local and current references, and Terry Mills always makes sure that every child on stage has at least one line to say, hence the 27 dwarfs, which is absolutely great.

There is a great diversity of ages and talent on show, but there is such enthusiasm from the cast that we are happy to overlook any small hiccups!

Costumes are always fresh and colourful – overall up to its usual high standard.

I liked the throne room set, with the gold glitter curtain, urns and balcony – and thought the woodland sets were also very good – it takes a lot of effort on behalf of the technical team, stage, sound and lighting to continually produce sets and effects that are as good-looking as these are.  As always attention to detail is key, and the re-appearance of the CCTV camera on the Dwarfs house, which followed the action continually, and the pigeon with a very bright red eye, just added to the fun.

I thought the sound was particularly good this year – of course the young people are encouraged to project well by the Producer – and it certainly showed.

The band sounded good, and it was so nice to see Alex Fry, a young person on the keyboard, and also noted as rehearsal pianist.

I just can’t mention everyone, so if I don’t pick you out please don’t be offended, suffice to say I was delighted that everyone gave their all, and seemed to really enjoy the production, which in turn had its effect on the audience, who loved the experience.

I was most impressed by Lucy Farrar as Betty Bubble – she is becoming a very accomplished performer, and the relationship between her and the wonderful Kieran Newport as Pip Squeak was excellent.  I loved these two young people, and the energy they gave to their performances.  I understand it is Kieran’s last year with Stage 1 – and I shall miss his presence, but hope he continues to perform, as he obviously has a talent that should translate well to more adult productions.

Amy Farrar, who won an award last year, continued to improve and gave a very skilled performance as Queen Jezebel, she held the stage, and I particularly liked her song and the interaction with the mirror, and also with Marmaduke, who was nicely played by Daniel Ayemere-Okojie, with a certain wry humour.  It is also Amy’s final year with Stage 1 – but I can see her talents becoming an asset to more senior productions.

I loved the Skeleton Dance – the whole UV effect was very good – and there was one dancer who was mainly down stage right, who got the rather disjointed skeleton feel very well – although overall everyone achieved a super end product – well done.

The opening number was very lively, and the choreography was simple but effective and everyone looked comfortable with what they had to do.

The miners song when we first met all 27 dwarfs was great – and covered a fairly major scene change very well!  I liked Elvis, Dopey, Doc and Sneezy - played by Nathaniel Edwards, Georgia Lloyd, Kurt Price and Benjamin Agasee respectively, as they really tried and succeeded in getting their characters well.

Rosie Thompson was a charming, if slightly tentative, Snow White, she has all the accomplishments and a lovely smile, I enjoyed her number with Chloe Harkin as Prince Harry, who also gave an assured performance.

Ben Parks gave two lovely performances as Grumpy and Lord Cameron – he got real meaning into his portrayal – and I also liked Josh Creaven as Lord Beckham. Small parts but they made an impression.

I liked the effect of the mirror, the lovely glittery face and costume that Emily Harber wore, creating a simple but successful result.

I always applaud all the adults who are involved with helping to make this such an event year after year, one which we don’t want to miss, and this year was real fun and so watchable – a pleasure for us all.

Stage 1


review date: 6th Feb 2015

Stopsley High School

Produced by Terry Mills

MD: Diana Baxter    Choreographer: Pat Seal

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