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Once again Terry Mills and his production team, joined with an enthusiastic cast of young people to give us a thoroughly entertaining production.

The small band of two keyboards and drums was always there for the children, but never intrusive – and it was nice to see Tim Garside taking on the role of drummer, using the late Roger Newman’s drums – a nice touch.  There were some very cheery and upbeat musical numbers, which everyone sang very well.

Costumes were again absolutely spot on – I particularly liked Widow Twankey’s dress, and the Royal Handmaidens – although everything as always looked good and was worn well, with suitable (and tidy) hairstyles!

The scenery was fairly minimal, except for the cave scene – but entirely in accordance with the production, and the levels were well-used by the cast.  I liked the UV scene in the cave which was very pretty.

Ciara McDermott was a super Widow Twankey, plenty of vivacity and projection, very well done.  Whilst Alice Hayden was a very expressive and good looking Prince – who also projected well,  both these young ladies kept their characters going throughout, even when they weren’t centre stage.

Kieran Newport showed excellent comic timing and contrasts as P.C. Ping with Ciaran Barragry as his sidekick P.C. Pong – both these young lads had good stage presence, interacted well and gave us some super comedy – these are my two to watch for this year!  

The camel – operated by Amy and Lucy Farrar created lots of expression in an inanimate object!  So well done.

Rebecca Edwards was a beautifully pompous Empress, I felt really sorry for Dejan Shah’s Emperor!  Whilst Courtney Boyce was a cheeky Wishy Washy, showing a really good feel for the part.

Louise Hayden and Amy Walker created contrasting Genies, of the Lamp and Ring respectively, with good characterisations.

The four Princesses had some difficult props to control – fans and parasols – which they did extremely well.

Unfortunately there are too many cast members to mention all individually, but suffice to say everyone looked as if they were enjoying themselves, which always translates to the audience, and increases our enjoyment, and I never cease to be impressed that only static mics are used – so projection is key, and I heard every word – excellent.

As always, an uplifting and fun evening –I particularly enjoy watching these young stars of tomorrow and hope they continue with their theatrical development under such excellent guidance.

Nova Horley

Stage 1


review date: 4TH Feb 2012

Stopsley High School

Written & Produced by Terry Mills

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