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“Dick & His Pussy”

Adult Panto is always a challenge to write up, as a description of scenes or character names are often suggestive and perhaps not suitable for publication as such!!  However, the end product was hilarious, with plenty of innuendo, and I was reduced to tears of laughter in several places.

The audiences throughout were appreciative and enjoyed both heckling the actors, and joining in with the fun.

I loved the use of the Exigrants to create lots of background interest, some of the things going on in the background were outrageous on so many levels, but just lifted the whole production, as there was so much going on.  The station announcements were a good way of informing the audience of the opening and interval timings, whilst again creating interest.

Great lighting as always from Andrew Maxted and his team, whilst sound, headed by Duncan Askew was spot on.  The UV scene (for want of a better description) was very good, although one of the jokes that crept in latterly was a little suspect!

James Driver had chosen some very suitable music, and written words that were interwoven with the plot – a very clever mix, and it was also nice to have a couple of more serious numbers from Alice and Dick in Act 1 and the Captain in Act 2 – all extremely well-delivered, and a bit of culture amongst the more full-on subject matter.

I liked the overtures, serious rock music going on, really set the scene, and greatly enjoyed by myself and indeed the whole audience – also the underscoring to scene changes, the whole production flowed well.

Costumes were good, particularly the two animals in the cast!

Dee Lovelock created a super cat – she was extremely funny and feisty, a fantastic character.  I particularly loved the litterbox scene, and also the kebab scene with Dick.  A very different cat.

Errol Albert always has great fun with his characters, and this was no exception, he has a wicked glint in his eye which translates to the lib and his interaction with the audience is great fun.  

Kat Stravranides as the Fairy needed a little more conviction in her delivery, that said she created a fun character.

I loved Nico Bamford’s King Crab – this young man is a very accomplished actor, and he showed the fun side of himself by taking on this role, which was menacing and amusing at the same time.   Good costume and make-up.

Fanny the cook, played by John O’Leary was the epitome of a pantomime dame, with heavy boots and beard, and various wigs – plus some very telling lines!

I liked the combination of the very straight Captain and the very camp Mate – Luke Murphy in sparkly hot pants and cropped t-shirt, created an excellent character, I particularly liked the ‘Rum’ scene – it all worked very well.  The Captain maintained his persona throughout, and was completely in the zone whilst delivering his song, with all the business going on behind him – no mean feat!

Hannah Synan-Jones created a very feisty Alice, and looked lovely – a really well-studied portrayal.

I liked Richard Lovelock’s Alderman, good interaction with the audience, and his ‘sick’ scene was so much fun. Richard has a good way of creating a link with the audience.

There were a couple of new people to Griffins other than those already discussed - Gill Oduro and Aurora Bartoli – who really bought into the fun of the production and grew in confidence over the run.  Kim Albone and Emma Fourniss shared the role of a Londoner and Sailor, with each bringing their own unique portrayal.

The storm scene was well accomplished, with excellent lighting and sound effects.

The ending was both unique and a surprise, with the cast leaving the Captain dead on stage, whilst repairing to the bar for a much-needed drink before taking their bows.

Once again, I was impressed with this irreverent, suggestive and sometimes downright rude production, but loved it all, and came away feeling that I’d seen a very good evening’s entertainment.

GRIFFIN PLAYERS -   “Dick & His Pussy”

– Adult Pantomime  review date: 16th January 2016

The Riverside Theatre at Venue 360

Director: Richard Haxell MD: James Driver  

Choreographer: Sarah Albert Written by: Richard Lovelock

Asst: Kerry Collins

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