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Thought-provoking, and at times difficult to watch emotionally, this was a technically good and well cast production.

The set was excellent – showing the attic as a whole, but with clever lighting making the switch between the memories and the present day easy to comprehend.  It was also able to encompass the action that took place outside of the attic, which meant that the play ran smoothly and seamlessly.

I liked the choice of music used, it engendered a feel of the times and the subject matter.

Isabelle Lepore played the central character of Eva, a young girl who is sent to England on the Kindertransport, and gets taken in by a family who eventually adopt her, and she grows up as Evelyn.  A fine portrayal from Isabelle, I thought she covered the emotions well, and was always inside her character – very well done.

I thought Tracey Chatterley who played Helga (Eva’s mother), got so much intensity into her character, the quietness and inner strength of the woman sending her daughter into the unknown, then the despair of that daughter not wanting to know her in later life – a fine interpretation.

Once again Angela Goss gave us a sympathetic character as Lil, the woman who took Eva in and eventually adopted her.  Very motherly and concerned – I liked the change from past to present depicted by a headscarf, coat and glasses, easily accomplished with a straightening of the back for the younger woman and slightly different tone of voice – such depth.

Susan Young as the older Evelyn showed the confusion of her character in her portrayal, I loved her rapport with her daughter Faith, and also Lil.  Typical of the sort of love/hate relationship often found between mother and daughter, very well-defined and believable.  reat sweeps of emotion, from calmness to very agitated, which gave good dimension to Evelyn.

I liked Kim Albone’s take on Faith.  Obviously irritated by not having been told about her mother, and finding out by mistake – something that a young person would find difficult to understand I am sure, nicely covered by Kim.

Laurence Sims covered the Rat Catcher and other smaller parts, that linked the women and their memories.

Costumes were good, they suited the feel of the piece and the characters.

Overall a very well-acted production, giving good contrasts between the women, and the rather evil man who popped into the production in several different guises.

Dunstable Rep


review date:18th November 2016

Little Theatre, Dunstable

Director:  Chris Young


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